B&B Motor

September 20, 1989

To Whom It May Concern:

During the time he has reported to me, Roy Hartmann has displayed professionalism and a high level of competency in his position as Motion Control Specialist.  In this capacity, Roy has coordinated the sales and support activities with respect to intelligent motion control for the territory.  He has also played a key role in training and coaching the territory’s account managers in the sale of the motion product.

Roy acted as the territory’s interface to the motion control division.  He was responsible for new product recommendations as well as suggestions for product enhancement.  He also identified target industries and application for the motion products well as sales strategies to sell to these target prospects.  Roy also contributed to the development of accounts in the territory through sales calls on those accounts and presentations to management personnel within those accounts.

Roy capitalized on his management skills, in his position as Motion Control Specialist, to direct the sales effort on the product line and motivate those involved.

Roy is leaving Modicon because of the restructuring of the motion control field sales effort and the elimination of his job position.  We presently have no other openings to offer Roy.  I have written this letter of recommendation because of my respect for Roy’s abilities and my confidence he would contribute significantly to any company for which he works.

Mark Bierbower
Northeast District Manager
Modicon, Inc.